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Below are FOUR options for Mountain Training School Insurance  

It is recommended, at the very minimum, that you select Option 1: Diplomat Series Plan (Diplomat International or Diplomat America). This plan specifically includes hazardous activities coverage and is very broad in its scope of coverage.  NOTE you will be requested to select "sports rider" option and then select ALL options that apply to your needs. Also note that Diplomat Series plans are meant to cover a person OUTSIDE their primary home country of residence.  Americans in the State of Alaska location would not have coverage under the Diplomat Series plan unfortunately.  In this case you'd definitely want to select Option 2 for some coverage for medical evacuation, at a minimum.

Option 2 ( Field Evacuation Plan) is also highly recommended as a supplemental coverage to the Diplomat plan, as it is specific to certain exposures in back country needs, as it pertains to emergency medical evacuation from "within the field" or from a mountain side.   The Atlas Plan in Option 1 DOES include emergency medical evacuation as well, but is not meant for "field or back country evacuation".

Option 3 is only required if you feel that there is a risk of not being able to attend training school PRIOR to departure ("cancellation") due to certain "acts of God" such as an illness, injury, weather related event that prevents you from departing, etc.  Option 3 will NOT cover "interruption" of a trip (AFTER departure) due to specific exclusions while mountaineering.   "Trip Insurance" is really only good for covering "monetary losses" of non refundable deposits made for a trip, such as that with monies paid for tuition at MTS.  Only USA based travelers are eligible for this coverage. 

Option 4 is simply for supplemental "accident life insurance".  This is a highly recommended option for those that have dependents at home (spouse, children) as it will provide a benefit due to loss of life, loss of limb or a permanently disabling accident that would prevent one from going back to working and making an income (disability insurance essentially).  It is important to understand that although the Atlas Plan does come with AD&D coverage built in, it is VOIDed as a benefit for ANY claims as it relates to a hazardous activity or sport.  Also, if you currently have a life insurance plan, be sure to check with your carrier to see that you do NOT have an exclusion as it pertains to adventure / hazardous activities.  These are sometimes simply overlooked details that can cause great stress down the road.

Option 1) Diplomat Series Travel Medical Insurance

Option 2) Global Rescue Medical Evacuation

Option 3) Round Trip Cancellation Plan

Option 4) Personal Accident Life Plan