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Disability Insurance Protection Plans
offered exclusively through Petersen International Underwriters

Disability is a subject you may read about in the newspaper, but not think of as something that might actually happen to you. But the chances of becoming disabled are probably greater than you realize. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3-in-10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age.
While we spend a great deal of time working to succeed in our jobs and careers, few of us think about ensuring that we have a safety net to fall back on should we become disabled.

Petersen International holds one of the largest contracts to Lloyd's of London for underwriting disability insurance and other types of insurance coverages. For over 50 years, Petersen International has been recognised nationally and internationally for the expertise and innovation they bring to disability, medical, life and special risk insurance. Petersen knows the industry! The industry knows them!  At eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, you will find our expertise and long standing relationship with Lloyds underwriters is what sets us apart ... providing exceptional service to our clients and agents globally.

Among it's insureds are the names of great athletes, entertainers, political leaders, astronauts, war correspondents, business leaders and a host of just average successful business and professional people.  The firm has long been distinguished for taking a pioneering approach to risk management, whether the risks be moderate to jumbo, conventional or unconventional, personal or for business.

"Insuring the Globe"®  ... Plans that are Beyond the Traditional

Common Uses

  • Supplemental Higher Limit Coverage
  • Primary Coverage traditional markets won't consider
  • Special risk coverage
  • International coverage
  • Risky avocations

Other special use needs for disability insurance

  • Personal Disability
  • Business Overhead Expense Disability
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Disability
  • Buy In Agreement Disability
  • Key Person Disability
  • Automatic Issue Disability
  • Guaranteed Issue Disability
  • Pension Completion Disability
  • Contract Guarantee Disability
  • Loan Indemnification Disability
  • Salary Continuation Disability
  • Severance Agreement Disability

Plans NOT available using addresses with the states of MT, RI, WY at this time.

eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC is pleased to present the following disability insurance plans offered through Petersen International Underwriters.  Select a brochure to begin or Request a Proposal .
Administered exclusively by Petersen International Underwriters
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