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Executive 400 Disability Insurance Plan
offered exclusively through Petersen International Underwriters

This product has many uses and was designed specifically for white collar occupations.  It provides excess coverage over and above domestic carrier's issue and participation limits.  Ideal for a key executive who may need more personal disability or business disability insurance.  This plan can be layered on top of any other coverage in force.  Capitalized lump sum or monthly benefit payments are available. 

Specific Uses Include

Personal Disability, Business Overhead Expense, Buy-Sell Funding, Buy-In Funding, Key Person Coverage, Bank Loan Indemnification, Lease Payment Completion and Employment Agreement Indemnification are the most common uses.

Disability insurance is one of the most important parts of a secure financial plan especially for highly compensated executives.  The plan allows white collar executives to maintain their standard of living in case an injury or illness leaves them unable to work.  With high issue limits and generous participation limits, the Executive 400 Disability Insurance Plan will provide income security for your highly compensated clients.  Obtain a quote request now.

The Executive 400 Plan may be used as:

  • Primary Coverage
  • Excess / Supplemental Coverage
  • Special Risk Coverage
  • Domestic Coverage
  • International Coverage

Please download the Executive 400 Disability Brochure for more details about this valuable coverage.

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