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eGlobalHealth > Special Risk Disability Insurance > Racing Industry Disability Insurance Plans
Racing Industry Disability Insurance Plan
offered exclusively through Petersen International Underwriters

Competitive sports demand competitive products.  On the fast track of Professional Racing, this policy takes the checkered flag every time.  Automobile drivers, motorcyclists, boat or aircraft pilots can secure coverage with options for medical coverage, disability coverage, death and/or dismemberment coverage.  Benefits may be payable on a weekly and/or per missed race basis.  RacerCover High Limit Disability Insurance is a comprehensive product for people in the high-risk world of racing.

Athletes’ careers expose them to countless possible injuries. Additionally, the physical qualifications he or she must maintain are incredibly demanding. Athletes consistently risk injuring themselves and, sadly, even a minor disability can be career-ending for a professional athlete.

This plan comes with multiple benefits. In the event of an injury, your client can be covered for his or her projected future earnings, the cost of an agent or a manager, the lost contract completion, loss of endorsements, and many other costs.

If a disability leaves one unable to work in his or her field, the consequences can be devastating, especially for a highly compensated individual accustomed to living a generous lifestyle. Many athletes have high annual incomes but do not have sufficient Disability Insurance. In this line of work Disability Insurance is invaluable.

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Racing Industry Disability Insurance from Petersen International Underwriters