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eGlobal Telegraph WebLog from eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC

Study Reveals Health Risks of Frequent Travel

by Derek Patterson on 08/06/15

Globetrotting is all fun and games until it starts taking a toll on your wellbeing.

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Insuring emerging global epidemics : Ebola

by Derek Patterson on 10/15/14

Global Risk Broker & Associates (GRB) understands "global risks".  With the hyper excited environment surrounding the recent and continuing "outbreak" of Ebola in America, many folks are certainly concerned.  Imagine how you'd feel if you were traveling internationally and to areas of Africa.  Legitimate concerns as to whether a travel medical insurance plan or longer term expat medical plan would cover your medical bills if contracted Ebola and also would you be able to medical evacuated back to the states for treatment ?

The answer is yes to both.  GRB has access to a select few carriers that currently are covering such risks under the plans.

Regarding how an international evacuation for medical reasons would work. 

Evacuation from any affected area for an insured member who has not been diagnosed with Ebola, is considered to be preventative, and is not covered under most policies.

Evacuation for an insured member who has contracted the disease is subject to local laws and regulations in the patient’s location and preferred destination.  Currently there is just one air ambulance carrier that has the appropriate equipment to manage an Ebola patient.  The company is based in the USA.  All requests for Ebola evacuations are being handled by the US State Department in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control.   Therefore, while a medical evacuation for a covered individual who has contracted Ebola may be covered, the particular insurance carrier is limited as to the services it can provide.

In addition, there are only four hospitals in the US who are currently certified to handle Ebola patients.  Admission to these hospitals is also controlled by the US State Department.  

Below are some links with useful information on Ebola:

Centers for Disease Control:                  

World Health Organization:

US Department of State:

Medical expenses for Ebola are covered under some of GRBs specialized insurance policies as an illness.

Learn more by visiting us at or


The Bridge Plan is Back ! Permanent Residents of the USA Aged 60 + Take Note !

by Derek Patterson on 10/01/14

Just in time... The Bridge Plan, medical insurance for green card holders / immigrants / resident foreign nationals in the USA is back !

After nearly one year off the market, The Bridge Plan is stronger than ever and more needed than ever, in this era of ACA/ Obamacare .  Brought back by Lloyds underwriters who determined it does not conflict with current ACA regulations. 

You see, the US legislatures when passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) failed to understand all the demographics that would be affected, in particular those Green Card / Permanent Residents that are over age 60 that are also NOT eligible for the Medicare System (which requires a Green Card Holder wait a minimum of 5 years before being eligible). 

If you know a loved one, family member or if you are an agent that has clients with this need, learn more about The Bridge Plan or contact one of our brokers at Global Risk Broker & Associates to learn more.


New product to protect you if exposed to Ebola when traveling abroad !

by Derek Patterson on 09/23/14

Outbreak 2014: Ebola

A menacing shadow has been cast over West Africa. The governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are on a race against time to stop the lethal spread of the Ebola virus which has fostered a flourishing epidemic of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever resulting in the deaths of thousands of people; and there is no end in sight.

Reliable statistics are filtering in of an outbreak of 2,344 new cases over the last 21 days in those previously mentioned countries as the disease continues to spread virtually without any control. Furthermore, there are now confirmed reports of Ebola in Nigeria and Senegal. International health agencies and the United Nations are scrambling to gain ground on this widespread phenomenon. President Obama has authorized the deployment of 3,000 American military personnel and vast medical supply inventories to the region in hopes of helping the fight against the disease and alleviating some of the fear and panic washing over those nations.

The virus was, itself, first identified in the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1976. Since that time, the outbreaks among human populations have been much smaller than the current crisis. What is most startling is the 50% to 90% mortality rate of the disease, as approximately 5,000 West Africans have perished since cases first popped-up in December of 2013. Ebola is Mother Nature’s ruthless assassin, and there is no effective vaccine.

In response to this growing catastrophe, carriers we work with have developed a Tropical Disease Rider as an endorsement to an international accidental death insurance program. Those traveling to Africa (healthcare and foreign aid workers, missionaries, physicians, oil workers, journalists, etc.) can now purchase coverage to indemnify their lives against contracting exotic diseases including Ebola.

The dangers are self-evident and the statistics are accurate. People are dying and Americans are at risk. Contact Global Risk Brokers (417-882-1413) for more information on financially protecting your clients who are potentially vulnerable to this terrible, ongoing epidemic.

Journalist freed in Somalia after nearly 3 years !

by Derek Patterson on 09/23/14

Global Risk Broker and Associates got wonderful news this morning via GoogleAlerts ... Michael Scott Moore, a journalist we had come to know briefly prior to his capture in Somalia in January 2012 is reportedly set free after his harrowing ordeal. Here is the news push from BBC News Africa: