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eGlobal Telegraph WebLog from eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC

Protecting yourself when traveling abroad : Ebola Virus Outbreak !

by Derek Patterson on 09/22/14

As African countries struggle to contain the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a Level  2 and Level 3 Travel Notice recommending travelers to avoid non-essential travel to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. 

Airline travel to and from those countries and other African countries, continues; what should you do if your personal or professional life continues to require travel to these areas?  Is it possible to obtain medical insurance coverage to help with repatriation to bring you back to more advanced medical treatments in your home country?   

According to the World Health Organization, any country has the right to enact measures to protect its citizens and to prevent the spread of an outbreak to other countries.   In addition, they have made it known that they are not an agency responsible for medical evacuations.  Potential travelers to the infected areas have a personal responsibility to ensure their own medical evacuation plans are in place either through employers or additional international travel medical insurance. 

Global Risk Broker and Associates is staying up-to-date on the current situation involving the Ebola outbreak and how it has the potential to affect clients traveling to the affected areas abroad.  At this time, medical evacuation is still possible and is an essential addition to any traveler’s coverage.   We can recommend several different program options that currently as of this writing do NOT exclude medical coverage for illness caused by epidemic outbreaks such as Ebola.  Learn more about Global Risk Broker & Associates at .

Protection against the Business of Kidnapping and Ransom

by Derek Patterson on 09/17/14

With the recent beheadings of two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff and a British aid worker, David Haines by ISIS, foreign travelers need to be aware of how to protect themselves in areas with pockets of extremists looking to make a quick buck or make a statement to the world.

Kidnappings of foreigners visiting Middle Eastern countries have become an increasingly hot commodity.  It is at no-cost to the kidnappers, but with a potential huge payout.  Some countries, such as Italy and Spain, have shelled out millions of dollars to pay ransoms of their own citizens for their safe return.  However, countries such as the United States and Great Britain will not pay ransoms for citizens taken hostage by terror groups (although the exchange of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban Guantanamo Detainees sets a new standard apparently) .  Therefore, those citizens are more likely to be executed or sold to extremists to be used as a pawn in their game of terrorism. 

If your are planning travel to countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan or even the Philippines or many African nations it is essential that you protect yourself against this common practice of kidnapping foreigners, being held hostage and ransom demands put upon your life. 

Global Risk Broker & Associates can assist journalists, contractors, or any other foreign traveler to these regions to ensure you are covered in a worst case scenario.  Kidnap and Ransom coverage will allow a third party negotiator to assist in your safe return home,  provide informant monies, crisis management services, accidental death life benefits, legal liabilities, rehabilitation, personal security consultation, reward money, business security consultation and so much more.

To learn more visit .

A Tale of Two Insureds

by Derek Patterson on 11/07/13

About 3.5 million Americans have been told their health insurance will be canceled because their plans don't meet the minimum requirements of Obamacare. We met up with those who stand to benefit from health care reform and those who would not.


Pirate abductions off coast of Nigeria

by Derek Patterson on 10/29/13

Pirates attacked an American-flagged oil industry vessel off the Nigerian coast early Thursday and abducted the captain and the chief engineer, both United States citizens, the Nigerian Navy and a private security firm reported. The abductions appeared to be the first involving American hostages in that region in at least two years.  Read more...

Expatriate Health Care under the new ACA Reform

by Derek Patterson on 10/17/13

For a great article on how the new ACA (ObamaCare) reform will affect expatriates worldwide, click here.