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Bobsledding; Bungee Jumping; Canopying; Hang Gliding; Heli-skiing; Horseback Riding; Jet, Snow, and Water Skiing; Kayaking; Martial Arts; Motorcycling & Motor Scooter; Mountain Biking; Mountain Climbing (under 14,000 feet); Paragliding; Parasailing; Piloting any Non-commercial Aircraft; Safari; Scuba Diving; Skydiving; Snowboarding; Snowmobiling; Spelunking; Surfing; Trekking; Whitewater Rafting (up to and including Class V Rapid only); Wind Surfing; Zip Lining.

Arial Photograph (Use of proper restraints required); BMX (Racing or Competitive); Flying in any Chartered or Leased Aircraft or Helicopter

Diving with Sharks; Mountain Climbing (if over 14 thousand feet, guide required); Running with Bulls; Safari & Big Game Hunting (use of firearms); Security Detail (use of firearms)

Baseball; Cheerleading; Cross Country; Diving; Equestrian; Fencing; Field Hockey; Golf; Polo Horse; Polo Water; Softball; Swimming; Tennis; Track and Field; Volleyball

Basketball; Competitive Cycling (Road, Track, CX); Ice Hockey; Lacrosse; Martial Arts; Skiing (Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill); Wrestling

Football (no Division One); Gymnastics; Rugby; Soccer

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