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International STUDENT health / medical insurance for studies abroad
Worldwide Student Medical & Health Insurance Programs for the Global Student Traveler
In partnership with HTH Worldwide

Stay Safe and Healthy During Your International Travels

With the HTH Worldwide insurance programs, students pursue their global travels secure in the knowledge that they can access quality medical care when and where they need it. HTH's global health plans are comprehensive, competitively priced and come with critically important health information and medical assistance services.

All students covered by HTH Worldwide health plans can access HTH’s Global Health and Safety Services 24/7 online and via telephone.  

Visit HTH's Global Health & Safety DEMO program & see why HTH's programs are considered the best in the industry.

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Are you in the U.S. and already pregnant, without maternity insurance ?

Student Health & Medical Insurance Plans


International Students in the U.S.

U.S. Students Abroad

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Student Plans Overview

International Students within the United States:
Global Student USA

Exceeds J-Visa Compliance for non-US citizens studying in the U.S.
Coverages of US$250,000 max benefit level (per incident)
Spouse and Child Coverage available
Gold and Silver Plan Levels - Review Coverages Online
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U.S. Citizens Studying Abroad:
US Students Abroad

For citizens of the US who are students/scholars/faculty members and who are engaged in
international educational activities outside of the United States
Coverages of US$250,000 max benefit level
Review Coverages Online
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Insurance Categories
Pregnancy / Maternity Insurance Alternatives

Already pregnant, no insurance.  Insured, with no maternity coverage.  Anyone having baby and paying cash to provider.  Not considered insurance but membership program.

Global Health Insurance

Long Term Annual Plans
Children Under 10 Free
Worldwide Coverage
Comprehensive & Basic Coverages up to $5 Million
Expats, Missionaries, Marine Crew, Travelers, etc.

Travel Medical Insurance

Short term trips
Renewable up to 2-3 yrs
Individual / Family / Groups
International Coverage
Illness / Accident / Emergency
Coverage $50k to $2 Million

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Domestic & International Plans
Hospital of Choice (Medjet Assist)
Short term to Annual Plans
Political Evacuation

Visitors Medical Insurance

Coverage in US & Abroad
Comprehensive / Basic Plans
All ages / Citizenships
Renewable / Flexible Benefits
Purchase before or during trip

Domestic Major Medical Insurance for those Awaiting Medicare Eligibility

ONLY plan of it's kind !
For immigrants, US residents or citizens ineligible for Medicare or have missed Deadlines
Aged 60-84 rates
Any combination of Part A or B or both Part A&B Coverage
Monthly or Annual premiums

US Domestic Short Term Medical Insurance

Accident / Sickness / Emergency
Layoffs, Job Change, Students, Alternative to COBRA
US Citizens, Green Card, H Visas Residents of US >1yr
Coverage of 1 month - 3 years
Renewable options / RX cards

Student / Exchange Visitor Medical Insurance

J & F Visa Compliant
Meets University Reqs
US or non-US Citizens
Individual / Family Coverages

US Immigrant Insurance

Coverage in all States
All Ages
Maternity Coverage
Long Term coverage to 5 yrs

Schengen Visa Insurance / European Visa Plans

Satisfy Consulate Requirements
France Compliant Coverage
Ilness / Accident / Emergency
Emergency Evacuation

Trip Package Insurance / Trip Cancellation

Bought prior to trip departure
Covers loss of $$$ on trip costs
Benefits include trip cancellation, interruption, delay & medical, evacuation, luggage loss, etc
Cruisers, travelers, business, etc
US & Non-US citizens

Au Pair / Nanny Insurance

Meets Visa Requirments
Coverage worldwide / US states
Illness / Accident / Emergency

Group Travel Insurance

One plan for 5 or more persons
10% savings over single plan
Mission / church groups, students, travelers, cruisers, etc

International Life Insurance

Worldwide Coverage
Up to 10 yr term
Terminal Illness
Double Indemnity
Online Quotes / Application

International Accident Life Insurance w/ War & Terrorism Coverage

War Risk Cover Worldwide
All Countries, Iraq & Pakistan
Nuclear, Chemical, Biological
Terrorism & War
High Limit Coverage
One week to One year

Special Risk Disability Insurance

Executives, Physicians / Surgeons, Racers, Entertainers / Musicians, Professional Athletes, Pilots, Jockeys, Pro Golfers, etc

International or Domestic Plans

Kidnap, Ransom & Extorsion Coverage

Worldwide Coverage
All countries
Ransom Money
Negotiation Services, etc
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Maternity / Pregnancy Benefits in the United States:
Learn more about the Maternity Card
by AHCO Direct
Why Choose the HTH programs over other plans ?
Why choose the HTH family of products:

Better Coverage. Their plans have met the standards of state regulators and feature coverage more generous than plans sold as "surplus coverage" by foreign, non-admitted insurers. For example, our plans do not exclude illnesses or injuries resulting from a terrorist act: a standard exclusion on competing plans (regardless of U.S. State Dept Warnings Lists). In addition, HTH does not impose pre-certification penalties for hospitalization.

More Affordable. Their trip protection plans are more reasonably priced than other policies. Their travel medical prices are amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Recognized Leader. HTH Worldwide is a leader in international health insurance and assistance, providing services to over 400,000 travelers and expatriates annually.

Global Health and Safety Services: Their plans are the most comprehensive because they combine insurance with services designed to help you manage health and safety threats as well as identify and access quality healthcare overseas. After all, what good is insurance if you can’t find a doctor or hospital you can trust? That’s why they developed a complete array of Global Health and Safety Services to give you the peace of mind you deserve.