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Frequently Asked Questions about the eGlobalHealth Visa Protect Program

  • What deductible should I choose ?   Most consulates worldwide like to see the lowest deductible possible, therefore, we suggest picking the $0 deductible option.
  • I see the policy limit is set at $75,000 ?  Is this in USD$ and does this meet their requirements in EURO?  The amount is in fact in USD$ and does provide more than enough coverage for the consulate in question.
  • When I run the quote it seems low comparitively speaking ? Yes, the pricing is very competitive and depending on your age and number of days needed, the pricing can be as low as $1 to $2 per day.
  • Is this required to have to get a visa ?   Yes !  All worldwide consulates do require proof of health insurance and specifically required hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation benefits to be included.
  • How do I get the letter and is an emailed link version acceptable ? The letter is sent  you via an email within minutes of applying online from our secure eGlobalHealth Visa Protect Program link.  Within this email, there is a link in the upper left under the Seven Corners logo called " View Coverage Letter -- Click here".  By clicking that link you will have produced via PDF, your own personalized letter.  A printed copy of the original visa letter we send in this manner is widely accepted by all consulates as acceptable proof of coverage.
  • What is the cancellation policy ?  You may cancel PRIOR to your start / effective date of the policy should you be denied a visa.  We need an email (sent to for the request and needs to be before the date of your policy start date.  NOTE: if you do cancel the policy, our system will alert the consulate in question.  Please don't cancel your policy after having applied for your visa, as this will potentially cause a revocation of the visa, since visa medical insurance is a requirement.