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For individual trips, multiple trips, group travel, including plans for trip cancellation / interruption

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GeoBlue Xplorer Premier Major Medical Insurance
best for: frequent travelers or workers residing outside the USA 
atleast 6 months or more per year

  • Unlimited Lifetime Medical Benefits / Maternity benefits / Wellness
  • Worldwide coverage including or excluding the USA; unlimited coverage in the USA
  • Requires being a USA citizen or legal resident of certain approved USA states
  • Annually Renewable - No restrictions on year to year eligibility based on location
  • Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, and 24-Hour Assistance Services
  • Covers for acts of terrorism worldwide
  • Underwritten by 4 Ever Life Insurance Company - US carrier / A - rated (Blue Cross Branded program)

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GeoBlue / HTH Worldwide
GeoBlue Voyager Essential and Choice, Travel Medical Insurance Plan
  • Two plans: GeoBlue Voyager Essential and Voyager Choice*
  • *Full Pre-existing conditions coverage for medical services & medical evacuation 
  • Up to $1Million medical benefits; up to age 84
  • Emergency evacuation, Repatriation, 24 hour assistance services
  • Covers acts of terrorism in most countries
  • 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best (US Insurer)


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Worldwide Annual

Annually renewable worldwide major medical insurance plans for US and non-US citizens

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Visitor / Immigrant

Foreign nationals visiting or immigrating to the USA or abroad; Schengen visa medical, and USA short term medical

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Life Insurance 

Personal accident life insurance, AD&D, "natural causes" life and international term life plans

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Disability Insurance

Special risk domestic & international uses - all occupations worldwide

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Special Risk Plans

High risk country exposures, acts of war/ terrorism, kidnap, ransom, DBA WorkComp, etc

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US State Dept Global Travel Warnings
International Travel Medical Insurance

Global travel health insurance protects primarily your health when traveling abroad.  Short to intermediate term plans go from 5 days to one year or more and generally cover only illness, accident & emergencies and for US citizens, many plans provide limited coverage for sudden acute onset of a pre-existing condition.   Other coverages include medical evacuation, repatriation & accidental death.  Perfect for basic travel, consular visa requirements and for visitors to the US and abroad, including students. 
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What our Customers Are Saying

"...eGlobalHealth's attention to detail and, with their proactive approach to these exposures, one should travel with great confidence knowing that they engaged eGlobalHealth  .... and, in my opinion, could rely upon their knowledge, expertise and resources to respond in any situation and under any circumstances that one may encounter." - Richard L. Cochran, Sr., Vice Chairman & CEO, The Covenant,  A Medical Management Company, Atlanta, Houston & London 
"...we had such a hard time locating war risk life insurance for contractors in Afghanistan...we are recommending eGlobalHealth to our collegues in the field... such a weight has been lifted knowing I am protecting my family while working in such high risk areas..."  - B Wilson, Houston TX 

"eGlobalHealth's online quoting, purchasing and fulfillment methods are tremendous!  It is amazing that one can do all this and get the plan and ID card the same day via email to such remote corners of the world..." - Jon Mokina, Cote d' Ivorie (Africa)
Centers for Disease control and prevention - Travelers health topics for worldwide travel
Worldwide Major Medical Insurance

International Annual Major Medical Insurance is designed for longer term travelers or expatriates / expat citizens who live abroad for atleast 6 months or more.  These plans offer coverage back in the USA and Worldwide and carry higher limits of coverage along with more extensive benefits including wellness visits, maternity options and includes emergency medical evacuation coverage and repatriation benefits as well.  Perfect for expatriates living worldwide, teachers, students, business persons, missionaries and yacht captains and crew members and many more.
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Visitor / Immigrant Medical Insurance

Visitor and Immigrant Medical Insurance is designed for foreign nationals visiting or immigrating to the United States, or visiting anywhere worldwide outside of their primary country of residence.  Plans can either cover comprehensively or they can be basic, scheduled-benefit plans that are the least expensive & most competitively priced.  Perfect for visitors on a visa or those obtaining more permanent residency, possibly awaiting Medicare approval for those aged 60+.
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Life Insurance - Global Personal Accident and  International Term Life
  • Worldwide Accidental Death and Dismemberment  (AD&D)
  • Failure to Thrive policies
  • War zone and acts of terrorism coverage, worldwide

AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) policies are designed for travelers going on a single trip, or can be written on an annual basis for individuals, businesses or groups.  Such policies provide protection worldwide in the event of a loss of life or dismemberment injury sustained by accident only.  Alternatively, international term life insurance policies provide both accident and sickness coverage due to a death, and term policies can be written from one to ten years in length or longer.  Contact us here for a quote inquiry.
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High Limit Accident Life Insurance / AD&D
best for:  any age or use; worldwide including in USA; coverage
for War/ Terrorism worldwide; contractors, personal or business travel

  • submit your quote request fast and easy online
  • accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D); accidental permanent total disability (APTD) rider option
  • Up to 10x income limits, max limits to $20M or higher
  • we have options for both USA and non-USA residents
  • Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London - A rated carrier

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Disability / Income Protection Insurance
  • Special risks, non-traditional occupations, international needs and much more... 

Disability income protection insurance can help you pay your bills by replacing a portion of your income. It can help you maintain your current lifestyle and help protect you and your family from going into serious debt.   Many people insure their material possessions like cars, homes, etc... but what about their most valuable asset ?  The ability to work and earn an income!  We offer special risk coverages through certain underwriters at Lloyds, London and other traditional insurance markets.  Request a quote here... 
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Disability (Income replacement) Insurance
best for:  certain USA or Canadian residents who's income is from $30,000 to $5M or higher; 
currently underinsured (less than 65% of income); substandard risks or medical issues / declinations

  • Primary coverage
  • Excess / supplemental coverage up to 65 or 70% of income 
  • Special risk coverage (ie; risky avocations, sub standard health, previously declined, etc)
  • Domestic and/or International uses
  • Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London - A rated carrier

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Special Risk / Contingency Liability Insurance
  • Kidnapping, Ransom Reimbursement, Extortion, Detention, Hijacking, Crisis Response, War / Terrorism Risks

Kidnapping, Ransom & Extortion (K&R or KRE) liability insurance policies are designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high-risk areas around the Globe.  Such plans offer a multitude of benefits, a few of which are indemnication reimbursement of a monetary ransom, direct payment for a crisis response team deployment, AD&D life coverage pertaining to a kidnapping and so much more.   We offer suchcoverages through certain underwriters at Lloyds, London.  Request a quote below by downloading brochure and application and faxing back to us at 417-459-4623.

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GeoBlue Voyager Travel medical insurance
Seven Corners'  Inbound Guest Short-term Medical Insurance Plan
  • best for: Non-U.S. Citizen's needing limited coverage 180 days or less, coming to the USA for business, pleasure, to study or to immigrate
  • Available up to age 99; must apply within first 6 months of arrival to USA
  • Max limits from $45,000 to $120,000 per injury/ sickness
  • Deductibles range from $0 to $200 per Injury / sickness
HTH Worldwide Global Citizen major medical insurance
Visitor medical insurance quote and buy
Purchase Inbound Guest visitor medical insurance online
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Global Underwriters, Inc.
Diplomat International Medical Insurance Plan 
  • coverage for traveling OUTSIDE of USA or home country; need coverage in USA ? -  see Diplomat America
  • Maximum Limits from $50,000 to $1,000,000  
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5,000  
  • athletic, sports and hazardous activity rider available as an optional coverage
  • worldwide assistance by On Call International included
  • Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Co / A rated

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Insured by certain underwriters at Lloyds, London
Insured by certain underwriters at Lloyds, London
Download brochure and application for KRE coverage from Lloyds
Diplomat Series travel medical insurance worldwide and for war zones
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